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Are you an Adult child who needs help? 
  • Are you worried your parents’ move won’t be handled properly?
  • Do you feel your parents are “stuck” and need help moving to the residence they really require?
  • Do you feel unable to give them all the help they need due to logistical reasons or your other commitments?
Trading Places Can Help
Our expertise, proven approach, and trusted network of resources ensure that your parents’ move is completely handled from start to finish.  We take the physical, mental, and emotional stress off of your shoulders (and your parents’ shoulders) and allow you to be there for your parents in ways that are even more important and helpful.  Having a professional third-party opinion can save a lot of arguments between family members during a difficult time.  And we can assist with a fair gifting process if the need arises.  Call us today and let’s discuss how enlisting our help is a gift for the whole family. 
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