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Elizabeth F.

​I recently had the privilege of having Tara Holman in my home to help me with my move. I did not call her until I was actually ready to start packing. As I reflect, I probably would have had a better move and less stress if I had called her and used her services earlier in the process. Although I had my three grown children with me part of the time, Tara was a lifesaver in my move.


Tara essentially helped pack all of my China, my kitchen, and other items throughout the house. She also helped in pricing items for my moving sale. Her energy and her efficiency was a great help to me and helped to minimize my stress level.  After my sale was over, she stayed and boxed up many of the leftover items for the Salvation Army. Throughout the whole process, Tara worked diligently and never slowed down. She gave some very good tips on labeling items that were to be loaded on the moving van and distributed to my children’s homes and to storage. She had some very good ideas that she shared during the moving process.


Not only was Tara extremely helpful and efficient, she was very pleasant and a joy to be around. She definitely helped make my move much easier and more relaxed. She can help make your move more organized and give you many good ideas which in turn can help alleviate a lot of the hassle and anxiety that comes with moving. I would recommend her services to anyone. I believe you will say, “It was well worth my money”!

Lynn and Larry B.

Larry and I so appreciate all you have done to assist with the move of Penny and Larry Sr.  You have gone over and above in all you’ve done!  This would have been impossible for us to handle from Nashville.  Bless you all for the hard work.  We are so pleased with the outcome!

All our best to you!

Marilyn B.

As I walked into my father’s new apartment in a Memory Care facility, I was struck again at how quickly human situations change and how critical it is to be able to adapt rapidly.  And how fearful it can be to accomplish that change.


I got an unbelievable break on a Saturday when the [residence] marketing manager gave me the brochure from Trading Places, LLC, a company providing Senior Move Management.  Because of his aggressiveness, we had only Dad’s out-of-apartment lunch hour to do a fast inventory of what would be moved to the new studio.  I gave them an almost impossible move date - Thursday of that week.


Trading Places, LLC, made it happen.  I called them my SEAL Team Six Extraction team as this mission required “quickly in, quickly out, quickly in again”.  I needed the move to happen in one day, with Dad sleeping in his old place one night, new place the next night.  Every surface and cubby hole was filled with magazines and papers and collectibles and dust.  We picked him up at 7:30 a.m. on move day.  Tara and Brion were there at 8:00 to clean and segregate everything the movers would box and move.  I don’t know how they did it.  I can only imagine the logistics involved.  But at 3:40 that same day, the new space was ready for my inspection.  And at 5:00 Dad was sitting with fellow Memory Care residents enjoying supper.


The appearance of the new studio is extraordinary.  For a few seconds I was speechless.  Tara and Brion compressed over 1100 sq. ft. of space into a homey, well lighted, appealing new residence of 360 sq. ft.  They meticulously recreated wall groupings and pictures that reflected his childhood, adulthood, marriage and military memories.  They creatively removed a sliding closet door to allow his dresser to fit in the alcove.  His underwear and pajamas and socks are in the same place they’ve always been.  Two familiar matching chairs create a conversation area with his battered recliner.  They even found the TV remote and a medication I had misplaced.  And on the outside of his door, both to honor his military service and also to help him recognize his door, Tara and Brion hung an American flag.  


What an extraordinary move experience.  Quality.  I know it when I see it.

Paula H.

I would like to take a moment to share my good experience dealing with Tara Holman and her company, Trading Places.  My mother died earlier this year, leaving her home and its contents to me.  Once the house was under contract I was faced with a short deadline to have an estate sale and have the house emptied for the new owners.  Tara had two weeks to get everything ready for the sale, and she delivered!  She was thorough, professional and compassionate about the sentimental feelings I had for so many of the items that were being sold.  I found her fees to be reasonable and justifiable.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Jo W. 

I was pressed for time, and Tara saved the day!  Her work was quick and efficient.  I think she did an excellent job, and I would definitely use her services again.

Jeannine G.

I have just recently moved and engaged Trading Places, LLC, to help me pack and move.  I have to tell you, Tara was real helpful in packing and unpacking the day of the move, and the boxes were out of the house by day’s end!  I liked her methodology!  She is such an organized person.  I highly recommend Trading Places for peace of mind and less stress when undertaking your move.

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