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Organizing Services

Our Trading Places Decision Tree will bring order to all of the items in your current home.  From unwanted items to essentials to your personal treasures, each item has its place in our process:


Keep, Bequest, Sell, Donate, Store, Discard


  • Take it with you?  A realistic floor plan along with your preferences will decide.

  • Give it to a family member?  We can ship heirlooms to your family or help locate a temporary storage provider.

  • Sell it?  We can organize an estate or garage sale. We can also arrange appraisals of antiques.

  • Donate it? We’ll help you donate items to a worthwhile charity.

  • Store it? Can’t Decide? We’ll arrange storage for what needs to wait a bit longer.

  • Discard it? Finally, if no one wants it, we can help you dispose of it.

The end result of this process is a new home filled with the things you need and cherish most and the peace of mind of knowing that everything you own has been put in its proper place.

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