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Ethics and Code of Conduct

Our business code of conduct is inspired by the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) Code of Ethics.  This list of 5 values resonates with us most and is brief enough for us to keep in mind every day.


  1. Advocacy: Our first loyalty is to the person in transition.  While we have ethical obligations to anyone paying for our services, we have a deeper moral obligation to the senior whose life is in transition.

  2. Participation: We believe in each client’s right to decide if, when, and how decisions are made. We involve and collaborate with our clients to the full extent they wish and will involve others in decisions as they direct.

  3. Respect: We understand how deeply emotional downsizing and home transition can be.  We treat our client’s possessions, memories, and emotions with the respect they deserve.

  4. Confidentiality: We do not disclose any information given to us in confidence unless we believe our client or others could be seriously harmed by our silence.

  5. Clarity: We’re committed to clear pricing policies and easy to understand contracts.  Our goal is clear communication and no surprises for our client.  

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